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Alina has been teaching general music and instrumental classes to students of all ages for over 10 years.  She specializes in Early Childhood music education and is trained in the Orff-Schulwerk method. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Performance and her Master’s degree in Performance and Literature at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.  She resides in Northern California and is currently offering classes via zoom. Please contact for additional details.


Connect. Customize. Create.



What are your musical interests?

What are your musical goals?

What kind of musician do you aspire to be?


What kind of learner are you? Visual? Auditory? Kinesthetic? Verbal?

Do you learn better in a private setting or group setting?

What motivates you to practice and learn?



What kind of routine can we plan together?

What kind of structure do you need?

What does your schedule allow for?

At La Ti Da Music, the focus is on the student.  Through building a relationship with the student and the families, you will be guided through your own individualized musical journey.  

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